• ★★★★★ 
    chocolate Port Truffles 
    The chocolate port truffles were delicious! My daughter and I had them with champagne! Next time I want to try the raspberry port truffles! Thank you for wrapping them so they didn't melt before I got home!!

    Brenda L.

  • ★★★★★ 
    English toffee with sea salt 
    I really enjoyed the English toffee covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. The toffee was rich enough to stand up to the creamy dark chocolate coating, and the sea salt made the flavor pop.

    Mitzi Spatz

  • ★★★★★ 
    Amazingly delicious Truffles! 
    We found some very delicious chocolates made and sold by a very wonderful couple today! Support local businesses! We wandered into this small chocolate shop in Lincoln, Ca. and fell in love with their caffeinated chocolate bars and Port Truffles. Order some online or pick up at local store! Great job guys!!

    Justin R.

  • ★★★★★ 
    Saw an article in local magazine about Blabbermouth Chocolates. Thought the name was so clever. I wanted to pick up some “local” items to take to a lunch with friends from where I just moved and these, along with the French Roast coffee and chocolate bars were perfect!!! Who doesn’t love great chocolates? Thrilled to know about the shop and the owner was just so fun and friendly. Great find.

    Patty B.

  • ★★★★★ 
    Blabbermouth Coffee Chocolate Bars are the bomb! 
    I love these chocolate bars. The chocolate melts on your tongue with pure chocolate bliss. This is very good chocolate. My favorite is the Costa Rica Chocolate bar. The coffee is not overpowering. It is just right. I recommend these chocolate bars highly. The only problem is they are hard to resist. 

    Bonnie S.

  • 1 week agoGary and Darlene make fantastic coffee chocolate bars and other chocolates. Highly recommended to anyone who loves chocolate!


  • Visited here to buy a friends Birthday present. I made the purchase. The owner very nicely put the purchase in a gift bag for me. Very friendly place to visit. Some very nice gift selections. I will definitely be back!


  •  "This is the best candy in the region. Top that with the most friendly customer service possible which makes a well rounded experience. The reusable black box of truffles are Devine as well as the nut creations available. I am a very happy customer. I will be stopping by soon to get some candy for friends on an out of town visit."

    Marcha Carpenter-Watson