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LINCOLN, CA (July 12, 2017) – Placer County based Blabbermouth Chocolates is pleased to announce that it is one of 15 recipients selected for Whole Foods Market’s 2017 Local Producer Grant.


The Local Producer Grant, presented in conjunction with Bay Area microlender Working Solutions, supports the growth of businesses that bring innovative, high quality natural products to the marketplace. Recipients are selected because they offer best-in-category quality, present an ingredient in a unique way, and/or show a strong commitment to a mission or environmental cause shared by the company.


The grants are awarded based on Whole Foods Market’s July 26 5% Community Giving Day. With 5% Community Giving Days, Whole Foods Market donates 5 percent of sales from that day to a cause that supports the local community or economy.


Blabbermouth Chocolates was founded in October, 2013, in the home of co-founders Gary and Darlene Kramer. The business was built on the premise that customers would enjoy a chocolate bar that combines the decadence of chocolate with the deep flavor of premium coffee. In less than six months, Blabbermouth Chocolates went from a home kitchen to its current brick and mortar location in the heart of Lincoln, CA. From the very beginning, both Gary and Darlene envisioned Blabbermouth Chocolates on the shelves of Whole Foods Market, marking today’s announcement as a meaningful milestone in the history of Blabbermouth. 


Today, Blabbermouth Chocolates produces five different coffee bar flavors and is available for purchase in several area Whole Foods Markets. This grant will facilitate the company’s growth and development in Northern California and beyond, while also providing a possible entrée into the world of caramels.   


“The Local Producer Grant program is an opportunity for Whole Foods Market to give back to small businesses that are working hard to make an impact in Northern California and Reno communities through their unique products and services” said Rob Twyman, Regional President for Whole Foods Market in NorCal & Reno. “Local producers play a major role in what makes shopping at Whole Foods Market exciting, delicious, and truly reflective of the communities we serve. We are proud to continue supporting this program for the fourth consecutive year.”


For more information on Blabbermouth Chocolates, visit https://blabbermouthchocolates.com/



Chocolate combined with Coffee, the perfect taste and balance of flavors!

Lincoln residents Darlene and Gary Kramer, owners of Blabbermouth Chocolates, have found a way to combine coffee and chocolate into a candy bar with a kick. The couple opened their downtown Lincoln shop, located at 448 Lincoln Blvd., May 1.

“Originally we started out of our home,” Darlene Kramer said. “We started the business almost three years ago and it was wholesale only.” Darlene said the couple had to find a brick-and-mortar location because “we couldn’t do e-Commerce under a cottage business license through the county.”

“Coffee shops were our first customers,” Darlene said, adding that Insight Coffee shop was their first expo-sure. “We gained some notoriety through Sacramento Magazine and local television.” Gary Kramer said the couple operated out of a space on Flocchini Circle for two years but lost their lease. He added that the business has been built one phone call at a time.

Gary Kramer said after attending their first chocolate festival they were advised to stock their chocolate bars in truck stops. The 49er Truck Stop in Sacramento was the first to stock their candy bars with an initial order of 12 dozen.

“Now we are in truck stops in Portland, Ore., Chicago, Wyoming, Utah and, one of the biggest, the Iowa-80,” Gary Kramer said. “We’re actually keeping truckers awake at night with the caffeine in our chocolate bars.”

Making chocolate bars may not seem a likely venture for the Kramers; Darlene’s background is in accounting and Gary’s is in title and escrow sales.

“I came home one day and told Gary ‘I want to be a chocolatier,’” Darlene Kramer said. “I took a course and became a professional chocolatier. I’ve since taken additional courses in Canada and Chicago.”

Darlene Kramer said she tested her coffee and chocolate candy bars on her neighbors.

“All of them said I should go into business,” Darlene Kramer said. Now Blabbermouth Chocolates are in some Nugget Markets, Safeway stores and Whole Foods. “It took eight months to get into WholeFoods,” Gary Kramer said. “We’re grateful because they are hard to get into.”

 Darlene Kramer said she uses Belgian chocolate and sources great roasters. “We don’t cut corners and we want premium roast,” Darlene Kramer said. “We use five coffees, ranging from light roast to dark; Columbian, Costa Rican, Espresso, French Roast and Mocha Java.” The Kramers estimate their “Willy Wonka” machine pours 1,000-1,200 chocolate bars per week. “It’s just Gary and myself; it’s our passion,” Darlene Kramer said. “Who doesn’t want to work with chocolate? We hand-wrap every bar and caramel and we are here seven days per week.” Gary Kramer said their customers are definitely aware of the coffee in the chocolate bars. “The caffeine provides a nice, comfortable increase in energy,” Gary Kramer said. The Kramers came up with the business name after Gary mentioned the business idea to his brother and Darlene called him a blabbermouth



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