Meet The Team

Darlene’s Bio

In 2013 I completed my education and received a Professional Chocolatier Certificate from a Cooking Institute, Ecole Chocolat School for the Chocolate Arts.  Later that same year I completed a Chocolate and Confectionery Food Enthusiasts Boot Camp course offered by the Culinary Institute of America, Napa and a Professional Chocolate Color Program, also offered by Ecole Chocolate, Canada.

By 2014 we opened our Blabbermouth Chocolates business and I began to put my Confectionery education to work. During that same year I managed to squeeze in a couple more courses by completing my education in Discovering Chocolate and Chocolate Expertise Course both taught at the Chicago Callebaut Chocolate Academy.

Chocolate has become my world, I love it and can’t wait to work with it everyday. As a chocolatier I will continue to create handcrafted confectionery from chocolate for our customers enjoyment and share my education and knowledge with our Blabbermouth Chocolates Team Members.

Gary - I have been is sales since the age of 11 years old (father’s shoe store). US Army Veteran (Vietnam 68-69).  Spent nearly 10 years working for one of the best retail companies - Nordstrom.  My passion in life is to be able to share my knowledge and wisdom with those who have the desire to learn.  My father was a very stern and demanding person to work for, but taught me many lessons of life.  Darlene and I started Blabbermouth Chocolates nearly 3 years ago in our home (Lincoln, CA) and we now have a retail/wholesale location in Lincoln. 

Hi I’m Becky.  I’m a former elementary school teacher and now mom to two boys and part time Blabbermouth team member.  I love cooking, traveling, watching my boys play baseball, and everything Disney.  One of my life’s goals is to be a contestant on Jeopardy!

Hi my name is Sharon. I have lived here in Lincoln for about 25 years. This year after 20+ years working at the court I retired. I now enjoy spending much of my time with my grandkids, family and friends. I have always enjoyed cooking and meeting new people. I decided to look into a new adventure and this lead me to the local chocolate shop, Blabbermouth Chocolates. The owners Gary and Darlene are amazing people who make being a team member a true enjoyment.

Riley -  “I'm a Junior at Lincoln High School, and striving to become an architect in the future. Currently I'm working at Blabbermouth Chocolates. Their teaching me great work ethics, and who doesn't love chocolate?"