Shipping & Delivery

At this time, Blabbermouth Chocolates ships merchandise to locations within the United States & Canada (not including Hawaii & Alaska). The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. 

In extreme hot weather conditions, we reserve the summer months (May, June, July, August and September - or whenever temperatures exceed 70 degrees) to ship all of our packages with this proven warm weather package and or suspend shipping until it is cooler and safer to ship the product.

During the warmer months of May, June, July, August and September we will only ship products Express or 2nd Day Delivery with Warm Weather Packaging ($5.00) for anyone who is greater than 2 Day Ground Shipping. Please consult USPS shipping charts to determine your shipping time and costs. This is to ensure your merchandise arrives in its freshest state with certainty.  We reserve the right to use Golden State Overnight where applicable to ensure prompt delivery.

Disclaimer: Blabbermouth Chocolates is not responsible for heat damage, theft, or any other damage to packages caused by shipper, or caused by packages being delivered to an unoccupied address in which the resident is not present upon delivery and package is left outside. Blabbermouth Chocolates is also not responsible for shipping delays caused by USPS due to circumstances beyond our control.  

Residential FedEx Deliveries are charged extra $3.00 per FedEx Rates.  Business FedEx deliveries will be charged the same, but refunded at time of shipment.  

Online orders placed for in store pickup- shipping charges will be reversed upon arrival at Blabbermouth Chocolates.  Please show delivery address as 448 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 203, LIncoln, CA 95648